Friday, June 29th

9 pm - Riverfront Park

Friday, June 29th


8 pm - Riverfront Park

Saturday, June 30

Two River Junction

8 pm - Riverfront Park

Devin Henry grew up in Gallipolis, OH and was born and raised in a very musically inclined family. Being accustomed to not only music but a rural setting, he found his way to country music. 2018 is year #2 of his music journey being up on stage, however, he's played music and sang his whole life. Whether you've heard heard his song "Gallia County Countrytown" on the radio, have his music downloaded, or have seen him live his Nashville drive and motivation has a strong presence.

"As I've pursued this dream of mine I've found myself on many stages, a band to back me, and a family of support with all of those who enjoy my music. Music is my passion and it always has been, I'm just here for the ride and for those who like to watch me perform. So far its been pretty cool. Balancing music with Nursing school has been a difficult task but I love what I do, and thats how it should be."

Having a band to back him his sound and style is something you haven't seen or heard before.

Website: www.devinhenrymusic.con
Instagram: devinhenrymusic
Facebook: Devin Henry

Thursday, June 28

Come see who will be crowned
The 2018 Regatta Royalty

6 pm Riverfront Park

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